Abitare 11/01: Portabiancheria + mastello
Magazin: Abitare
Ausgabe: No.411, November 2001
Artikel: S.197: portabiancheria + mastello

“Portabiancheria + mastello / laundry bin + washing bowl
Klaus Hackl, `Gibus´, Magis Srl.
Young German designer Klaus Hackl (*1967), who has an enviable track-record of formative experiences with Andreas Brandolini in France (1993), Konstantin Grcic in Germany (1994) and Jasper Morrison in London (1995-1998), is wholly attuned to the idea that traditional typological moulds have to be broken if we want designer objects for everyday uses. His laundry bin is a pail whose lid serves as a washing bowl for special items. An instinctive, habitual gesture formalised as design.”